Saro Van Cleynenbreugel



Posted on December 8th, 2009


Name: Saro Van Cleynenbreugel
Home town: Amsterdam
Age: 25
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Who am I?

This is not an easy question, maybe its better to tell you something about the things I do.
At the moment I’m working with the Mediamatic Foundation in Amsterdam.

Qualities I want to be associated with are: trustworthy, flexible, open minded, helpful and a relaxed positive thinker.

I love to do stuff with electronics and things that smell alike.  Making things up and designing them is my thing. This is  the reason that I chose the field of Technology, Design and Interaction (TDI).

Commercial stuff is not really my thing, basically I think commercials are all pretty shitty and destroying all good on this planet. Commercials for promotion of sustainable innovations like fair trade and permaculture I want to help promoting. In my plea ‘Commercials, not needed at all!‘ I explain my opinion further.
I prefer working on projects that evolve the consciousness on this earth. I know we can do better, we just have to realize the importance and the logic of doing so. Everywhere I come I try to show my fellow man how it can be done. And this is by being enthusiastic about the things you do. If you don’t love the things you’re doing, protect yourself and stop what you’re doing. Working together is helping each other.


And also

To make indexing by google more possible I’m putting here that I lost my AIKIDO go (suit) about half a year ago. It has the characters 佐呂 embroidered in al the clothing parts. If you find it for my I’m willing to pay you 100 euro for it. The brand is IWATA made in Japan

Ik ben mijn aikido (lijkt op een judopak) verloren deze zat oorspronkelijk in een groene vaude (fiets) tas / fietstas. In get pak waren de tekens 佐呂 in geborduurd. Mocht je dit pak vinden dan hoor ik graag van je.