Saro Van Cleynenbreugel


ikStaar installation @Dev Camp 2010

Posted on December 22nd, 2010

Dev Camp is an open playground for new-media lovers. You get five days to make an  interactive installation and you get a stage to present it.

Together with Axel Roest , Seth Hunter, Luis Rodil-Fernandez we designed and build a ‘stare off’ installation.
The extraordinary about this stare-off contest is that the moment of failure is captured. The loser is given the choice to save this moment. If he chooses to do so the video appears in a video grid that is projected on the wall.


The plan is to also give the opportunity share the video with friends on your social network.

At first the installation notices that a player is interested (it recognizes a face) and starts talking to you: “Hey sweety, come and stare your eyelids off.”
Next, two players are sitting in front of each other, the one who blinks first loses the game.
It works as follows:  Two high performance cameras are filming the eyes of the two participants. Simultaneously, two computers (one for each face) are looking through every frame for an eye to blink.

For the user feedback we used colored light effects and audio samples.
If someone blinkes his eye(s) a signal is sent to an other computer (called: the control station) that says out loud: “The game is over, do you want to keep the video?”. The control station also sends a signal to a microcomputer (Arduino) that controls the RGB Led strips.

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